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  • I receive many requests on a daily basis about naming and hosting.   These requests are primarily from those who want to start blogging.  The most frequent question is “Where & how do I begin?”  Which is one of the same questions I had when I began.  I will list the first three (3) steps necessary to get started.

                 First and foremost – you must record your strongest PASSION!  Not only mentally but also on paper.  I recommend putting it somewhere you can see it daily. If you do not feel strongly about whatever you are writing about, visitors to your blog will leave quickly and never return. If they follow on articles are not about your PASSION, again your visitors will leave quickly and not return. Write your PASSION on paper and ask friends and family to give their opinion on your subject. If they do not STONGLY agree with you, find another subject that is your PASSION. If you do not love your topic, you will lose interest and procrastinate about writing follow on articles.  In my opinion, do not proceed until your gut tells you, this is your topic of PASSION.  And your PASSION is the subject of your blog.

    Second, you will need start your creative juices flowing and decide on how to “brand” your PASSION.  As the saying goes: “A rose by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweet”.


    Now that you have your subject, you need to start set up of the administration of your blog. You need to name your domain  in 3 to 5 words that describes your general subject like mine on ‘ Easy Money Internet Now’.  My blog is on to make money on the internet as my general subject.  The name (domain) of your blog should include or describe your PASSION. There are many registrars for domain names. I recommend that if you do not have a favorite that you use, consider buying your domain name at the same registrar company that will be the host for your blog or website.

    Third, you need to decide where you are going to ‘Park your Passion’.  I have broken this topic down into two categories: register of HOSTING & building your WEBSITE.

    •  HOSTING

    I recommend that you research the capabilities of at least three Hosting Services before you register with one.  The capabilities include band width, disk space and ,very important, site uptime. If your host crashes frequently, you will lose many visitors and/or customers. Hosting services that guarantee uptime are better business partners. Also, the cost per month is important. Many services have sales during the year but the lower cost per month is only for 3 to 6 months. The larger hosting with the more popular names offer additional services, such as email and cell phone support 24/7/365. The lower cost of  $2 to $4 per month is okay if your long-term goal is to reach a certain limit of visitor comments or emails and stay at that level.  If you are ‘good’ at writing about your PASSION, you will exceed those limitations.  GO FOR THE GOLD. Share your information with the planet!

    •  WEBSITE

    Many of the larger hosting services have the capability to assembly or construct your website with the associated templates.Both are free. They have technical support to help you build your website. I prefer WordPress because it has more capabilities to build your business. WordPress has both free and paid templates.  And, they are always adding new plugins and apps to expand your blog or business. Most of the larger hosting programs allow free transfer and set up of WordPress on their server.



    Although there are many good hosting servers, I prefer Hostgator because I have had 100% uptime for my website. They guarantee the 99.9% uptime. Many hosting services do not guarantee their uptime. I wonder why? Also, I like the toll free live chat with a person not an email.  Over their ten years as a hosting service, they have been consistently rated in the top 10, and often number 1. I have added another website of mine to Hostgator registered at no additional charge.  My goal is to keep adding affiliate websites to my Hostgator system.

    Good luck to you and your blog or project!!

    Carl Stifter

    11 April 2013