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  •    Business Must Have Mobile Website


    • Constant Companion:

    For many people, the mobile device is a constant companion that they only give up at bedtime. Therefore, they can interrogate your website at any time from anywhere in the world.  Is your business ready?


    • The Law of Large Numbers:

    Mobile device users outnumber internet users by 2,800,000,000. Just based on those numbers, a business must to have a mobile website.


    • Sales Revenue: 

    Increased contact by mobile device will dramatically increase your popularity and sales revenue.


    • Survey Says:

    Many surveys have stated that approximately 66 percent of cell phone users prefer websites that they can access on their mobile phone. A mobile website is an ‘absolute must’ for any business.


    • Mobile Website Easy Read; 

    Mobile websites provide brief and straight to the point information that can be read by mobile users. The internet website will cramp the cell phone with excessive content as it tries to make a replica of the internet website on a small cell phone screen. This does not work and only annoys your potential customer.  They quickly exit looking for a mobile friendly site , never to return to yours.


    • Short Key Word Phrases: 

    Mobile cell phone users desire shorter keyword phrases.  Three word phrases get raving reviews. Mobile phone users need to share this desire with Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines so it will be granted and then implemented. Mobile phone users love efficiency in use of their time.  Businesses with mobile websites greatly help the efficiency of the customer. This experience will bring them back as repeat customers


    • Required Website Updates: 

    Mobile phones have limited space to view information.  Many businesses cover their website with information, some which is not relevant to any customer and definitely not a mobile phone user. The ‘bounce rate’ for web sites that do not have any ‘ white face’  showing is high. A potential customer will not take the time to read 500 words .

     Neither will a mobile phone user. A good technique is to establish a schedule to update your website. Maintain the basic information like location and business hours but change ‘special deals’.  Establish your mobile website and view it on your personal mobile phone before you go ‘live’. Answer the question, ‘Will I go there and become a customer?’


    • Mobile Web Site Creation:

     There are many businesses that create mobile websites at a reasonable price. For many business that regularly update their business website, creating a mobile website will be a breeze. Business owners, what is your time worth?  And ,what part of the business should you direct your focus? Rather than create the mobile website, is your time worth more on the basic business?


    • Mobile Websites Apps: 

    Apps software for internet laptops and desktops requires some technical knowledge to download. The number of Apps software for desktops is extensive and requires research to determine what will improve your business. App software for mobile website is limited and easy to download.


    • Brisk Mobile Website Creation: 

    Anyone with any of the mobile website that is available can create a mobile website in 10 to 15 minutes. Even a 10 -year old kid.  Maybe, that is who is we should hire to build the mobile website.


    • Your Business Competition: 

    As is a standard practice for successful businesses check out what practices are being used by your competitors. Use your mobile phone to call them and see if they have a mobile website. If they do, engage your transmission into overdrive and steer to Google and  call several mobile website developers. Each day without it is more business for your competitor. They appreciate your business but never say ‘Thank You’


     Carl Stifter